Indigo roots

root deeply & grow freely

Welcome to Indigo Roots, come play with me as I share musings & experiences on my quest for deeper meaning. I am a dreamer and a seeker creating magic in everyday as a mother and priestess.


My current passion project is connecting to my ancient Irish lineage and the wisdom of mother earth as I journey with living in alignment with the seasons and celebrating the solstices and equinoxes. I received inspiration to take this journey during Sahmain 2019 as a bridge between the decades in my lifetime and as a bridge for my ancestors in the ancient spiral of time.  


I’m so excited to launch this journey with 21 Days of Yule – wisdom of Midwinter and inspiration for deepening the experience and fulfillment of the season. I'll be sharing what I am learning as well as songs, stories, activities, crafts. Sign up here or follow on social Facebook or Instagram for your daily dose of magic from December 1st – 21st